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Tips for trips nearby

Beautiful and easy walks as well as more strenuous hiking trails are available in nearby gorges of Slovak Paradise. A magnificent Stratenský Canyon (Stratenský kaňon) and Stratenská Gorge (Stratenská tiesnina) are in close proximity to the cottage. A nice hiking trial provides a beautiful panoramic view from Havrania Rock (Havrania skala). A world-known Dobšinská Ice Cave is located nearby, altogether with a water reservoir Palcmanská Maša, cross-country skiing centre Biele vody, and ski trials for beginners as well as for experienced skiers. There are also interesting cycling trials for either, children and adults.

Hiking in Slovak Paradise

Slovak Paradise is one of the most frequently visited destinations in Slovakia. It is perfect for hiking and offers unique natural sceneries attracting tourists all year round.

Z turistických centier Podlesok, Dedinky, Kláštorisko a Čingov  je možné podnikať rôzne náročné túry a výlety.

  • Stratenský Canyon (Stratenský kaňon)
  • Stratenská Gorge (Stratenská tiesnina)
  • Havrania Rock (Havrania skala)
  • Suchá Belá Gorge (Roklina Suchá Belá)
  • Tomášovský View (Tomášovský výhľad)
  • Hornád Water-Gap (Prielom Hornádu)
  • Across Kláštorská roklina to Kláštorisko Monastery (Cez Kláštorkú roklinu na Kláštorisko)
  • Piecky Gorge (Roklina Piecky)
  • Veľký Sokol Gorge (Roklina Veľký Sokol)
  • Zejmarská Gorge (Zejmarská roklina)
  • Sokolia Valley (Sokolia dolina)
  • Tomášovská Belá Gorge (Tomášovská Belá)


Dedinky village

Beautiful nature offers endless possibilities for rest and relaxation. Simply, Dedinky is an ideal place to have a swim in summer, to ski in winter or see interesting places all year round.

Water reservoir Palcmanská Maša is located in close proximity to Dedinky, the important tourist centre in southern part of Slovak Paradise. It is also the largest water body in Slovak Paradise.

Fishing in this area is permitted at the river Hnilec and at the water reservoir Palcmanská maša (86 ha). The area is suitable for catching trouts. The reservoir is part of a waterwork Dobšiná also known as Dedinky.

  • Swimming
  • Boating, water bikes
  • Fishing
  • Preschool

Dobšinská Ice Cave

Dobšinská Ice Cave is one of the most important ice caves in the world. It has been included in the world natural heritage since 2000. The cave is accessible from Dobšinská Ice Cave, a village located in Slovak Paradise between the city of Poprad and Rožňava. The educational footpath leading to the cave is approximately 1 km long. There is 130 m height difference between a parking place in the village and the entrance to the cave and it takes 25 minutes to get to the cave.

The entrance to the cave is located on the northern slope of Duča Hill at elevation of 969.5 m, cave length is 1.483 m. Duration of visit: 515 m. Cave spaces go down from the beginning, which together with northern orientation enables the descent of cold air and overall cooling of the cave.

The cave has several magnificent parts – Great and Small Halls, Ruffiny’s Corridor and Collapsed Dome. The parts without ice are called Dripstone and White Hall, Dry Dome, Dripstone Cellar and Hell. Air temperature in the Great Hall ranges from -3.8 to + 0.5 C. The visitors descend only several tens of meters below and find themselves in an ice kingdom of cold and perfect creations of Mother Nature.

One of the interesting facts on the cave is that up to the 1946 a skating for public was permitted all year round. The well-known Czechoslovak figure skater Karol Divín and a company of military speed skaters had been practising there in the fifties.

Cycle tourism

The Slovak Paradise is ideal for cycle tourism. Road network comprising asphalt and country roads makes it possible to practice this sport activity in Slovak Paradise all year round.

The Slovak Paradise is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural areas accessible even by a bike. There are several cycling trials for mountain bikes. The trial from Podlesok to Kláštoriko is one of the best known. The trial further leads you through saddle of Kopanec to the northern part of Dedinky and cycling is then possible in the area of Geravy. The important characteristic of trials in the Slovak Paradise is the fact, that you often must dismount your bike and carry it on your back to more drivable terrain.

Eights cycling trials are located beyond the protection zone of the national park. There are also several unmarked trials with equally enjoyable natural beauties and fascinating views.

Skiing (downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, ski mountaineering)

There are five ski centres for downhill skiing in close proximity to Stratená village (Dedinky, Biele Vody, Mlynky, Telgárt and Vernár). A framework of marked trials for cross-country skiers has been created in the the town of Mlynky, Biele Vody. These trials are regularly mechanically maintained during winter.

Zjazdové lyžovanie

Cross-country skiing

  • Biele Vody centre
    if the ski conditions are favourable, six mechanically maintained cross-country trials are available.
  • A 14 km long ski trial Telgárt
    goes from Telgárt to Šumiac and crosses picturesque countryside of Horehronie region.
  • Cross-country skiing trials - Hrabušice
    A trial across Prielom Hornádu across Činkov to Podlesok with the overall length of 12 km.

Individual ski mountaineering

Up on Kráľova hoľa Mountain, along the path marked red up to the ski mountaineering centre in accordance with visiting rules of the National Park Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras).



Explore Slovak Paradise in a very special way! Mount a snowmobile, put your foot on the throttle and enjoy driving on the most beautiful snowy spot in the country.

Great way to rest, relax and have fun for groups, families and companies.

Enjoy relaxing and thrilling drive in winter countryside on safe and maintained trials in beautiful natural sceneries with stunning views.

Horse riding

The saying goes, that the most beautiful view in the world is from a horseback... or is it not? So visit the ranch Ranč pod Ostrou skalou and see yourself. The ranch is located 6.3 km from Stratená in a direction to the city of Poprad.

One of the most important attraction at the ranch is horse riding, carriage and sledge riding as well as organising of horseback excursions lasting for several days. Experience 100 miles on a horse back, unforgettable atmosphere of hoof beats in unspoiled nature of the Slovak Paradise. Only with us.

Do you wish to go for a horseback trip but cannot ride a horse? No problem.

Courses on horse riding supervised by experienced instructors are available at any time. Our youngest riders can enjoy riding in a circle (under instructor’s supervision).

Tarzania - rope park

Are you not afraid of heights?
Join us at Tarzania Ostrá skala rope park and show off.

Opičia dráha je zatiaľ zdemontovaná !

TARZANIA is a rope park built from different kinds of rope obstacles hanging on trees or artificial pillars. You can try TARZANIA in both seasons, summer and winter.

Rope park is for everyone who would like to enjoy high adrenalin, sport challenge and perfect memories. TARZANIA operates eleven rope parks around Slovakia.

AquaCity Poprad, Thermal Park Vrbov

AQUAPARK AquaCity Poprad – world of entertainment under High Tatras – 42 km from the cottage
Thermal Park Vrbov – 53 km from the cottage

AQUAPARK AquaCity Poprad

... 42 km from the cottage

  • 13 outdoor and indoor pools thermal and relaxation pools
  • 350 water attractions (water beads, massage nozzles, water mushrooms)
  • 3 outdoor thermal pools (28 °C - 38°C) with hot tubs and water attractions (swimming, sitting and relaxing pool)
  • indoor relaxing pools Blue Sapphire with chromotherapy and 3D laser show
  • luxurious indoor pools Blue Diamond with drink bars
  • Treasure Island - pool for children (pool with sea water, a shipwreck, slides and attractions, hot tub for adults, terrariums with iguanas)
  • swimming pool - 50 m and a hot steam sauna

Thermal Park Vrbov

53 km from the cottage

regenerate your body after a busy day even during cold winter evenings in our thermal pools with geothermal water rich in minerals important for a human body. The thermal park comprises ten pools including four pools for children. Five pools with geothermal as well as clear water are available in winter season. Water temperature ranges from 26°C to 38°C.
Human body, as any other organism on the Earth, needs to regenerate its vital functions. Enjoy yourself immediately with us, e.g. in two sitting pools with streams of running water and pleasant temperature of 38°C or in a canal swimming pool with massage nozzles and temperature of 32°C, perfectly massaging and relaxing spastic muscles.

Swimmers would appreciate 35 m long swimming pool with water temperature of 28°C. The pool “Ladybird) with the temperature of 32°C for the youngest is placed in the inner part of the building. Visitors can also enjoy original Thai massages and tasty refreshments in a bar or restaurant.

National historical monuments

In the light of the unique natural beauties and historical sites such as manor house in Betliar and Krásna Hôrka Castle, the region of Gemer experiences tourism development in these days.

Betliar Manor-House

29 km from the cottage

Manor house in Betliar, formerly owned by Andrássy family, is the only manor house in Slovakia preserved after 1945 with its original furniture and collections. It did not meet the same fate like other aristocratic residences - neither its furniture and other equipment had been stolen, nor was it rebuilt. It serves as a museum since the time of nationalisation.  Everything in interiors belonged to members of the house of Andrássy, who are considered to be the most important European aristocrats of the 19th century.

Krásna Hôrka Castle - Medieval residence of Andrássy family

A picturesque Gemer countryside in the heart of Slovakia had long been considered as a little Europe or Austro-Hungarian kingdom of its own. Its hills, valleys and towns witnessed our - European history. During the World War II, but primarily after it, our cultural and historical heritage suffered a terrible blow due to political climate of the time. However, not even “ethernal” basis of socialistic regime, built on already existing pillars of our rich culture, swallowed and destroyed all of what our forefathers left for us. And yet, we still can enjoy several almost completely preserved castles. One of them is Krásna Hôrka. Unique collections of the museum altogether with architectural changes attract visitors from over the world. Set out on a journey to learn about our artistic and historical heritage in medieval castle of Andrássy.

Spiš Castle

62 km from the cottage
Ruins of the Spiš Castle lie on a travertine hill called the Hill of the Spiš Castle which dominates the country at the main road communication connecting Eastern regions of Slovakia, Spiš and Šariš. The castle gives an evidence of architectural development between 12th and 18th century in the area, but it spreads over 4 hectares (41,426 m²) and thus makes one of the largest castle complexes in the Slovakia.